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A Civil War Jewish doctor's life is transformed when he encounters a mortally injured Christian boy on the battlefield of Gettysburg.  Torn between his Jewish religion and the profound words of a dying boy, Dr. Max Lewis Rossvally must come to terms with his spiritual conflict. Beautifully crafted and filmed, this is a real-life story of strength, courage and true inspiration.

This 54-minute film is designed for you as a tool for
Evangelism, Education, and Edification.
It provides a great opportunity for you to invite your friends and neighbors over.
(Film has some intense battle and medical related images)
The gospel is clearly presented (KVJ).

What people are saying...
"Oh my!!! We received the copy today, and watched it right away!!  We were very blessed watching this wonderful anointed film!!  It was very well done, music, scenes, everything.  God will use this to witness to many."
"Please put a warning on the label...'You will cry.  Please bring lots of Kleenex.'  Our Spirit was happy to see a Jewish doctor trust Christ...having the gospel challenge at the end after the movie is great.  Praise God!"

You will be blessed - Genesis 12:3
DVD- $10.00 plus $5.00 for s/h = Total $15.00
Posters are also available.

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Devotional Book
77 pages packed full of devotional features, more information and historic background to the story.  Contains the original version of the Rossvally testimony. 
81/2 x 11 spiral bound

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