Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nuggets of Thanks from a Banquet Table of Blessings

Thank you Lord…
Jesus- my Savior, Redeemer, Shepherd and Friend.
For my Family- their love, humor, faithfulness, and support.
For the special smiles I get from my precious mother, now in poor health, both in mind and body.
For my creative husband, who makes life very interesting! And every precious moment we share.

For new experiences and involvement- release of our movie, Dr. Rossvally, movie premiers, first art show, Historical Society, membership in 2 local art societies, murals, 1st commissioned paintings, Mother in nursing home and 1st grandchild!
For all the new friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord, we have met this year in our travels and ministry.

For…fun times, trying times, hard work, rest

For our country- it’s history, liberty, honor, freedom for all.
I can go on! There is still much more… leftovers for another time.
Oh! One more bite…THANK YOU… for visiting me here in blog land.
God bless you!

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